asked: Katie McGrath or Morgana?

Anonymous: Omg, what Hollywood films???

Jurassic Word is a Hollywood blockbuster :)

Anonymous: Katie is finally goes into Hollywood films. so happy!

IKR? So proud of our bb 

I think there’s no better vid that can be used to represent Katie in all her glory than this one. It combines both the best character insight of Morgana and most importantly Katie in all her wit and geeky-ness (although there’s plenty of solid proofs for the last one in other vids XD).

It’s a 13 minutes long video and it’s like my favorite interview of her from that event, (although I also love the one with her brother Rory).

"wandering around being sad McGrath geeks together" (‘7.28).

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Merlin or Morgana ? - asked by exactlymissgranger

BBC Sound (2008)

Happy Easter McGeeks!